Setting the Registry Key for Screen Rotation (Windows CE 5.0)

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By default, the screen is oriented at a zero degree angle of rotation after downloading the run-time image to the CEPC. You can change the default angle of the screen by setting the appropriate registry key. However, any applications that subsequently run on the CEPC and rotate the screen will override the settings in the registry file.

In this procedure, you will set the registry key for screen rotation. If you do not want to change the default angle of the screen orientation, you can skip this procedure.

The following table shows the values you can use in the Angle registry subkey.

Value Description
0 No rotation.
5A 90 degrees rotated clockwise.
B4 180 degrees rotated clockwise.
10E 270 degrees rotated clockwise.

To set the registry key for screen rotation,

  1. In the Workspace window, choose the ParameterView tab.

  2. Expand the *<OS design name>*parameters node.

  3. Expand the C:\WINCE500 - CEPC - Project Specific Files node.

  4. Right-click Project.reg, and then choose Open.

  5. To set a default angle for screen rotation for the OS design, add the following text to the end of the registry file.

    The example code here shows the angle set to 0x5A or 90 degrees.

    ; Settings to rotate the screen by 90 degrees clockwise upon download
  6. Save the file by choosing File and then Save, and close the file by choosing File and then Close.

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