Online Community and Newsgroup Support

As a Microsoft® Windows® CE developer, you can take advantage of several resources for support and assistance. The following sections provide details about the online community; MSDN®, the Microsoft Developer Network; and newsgroup resources.

Online Community

You can participate in an online community hosted by Microsoft. The community provides access to newsgroups, forums for collaboration with other Windows CE developers, news about Windows CE, and free tool and project downloads. For more information, see this Microsoft Web site.

MSDN Library

The MSDN library contains updated product Help files available for viewing or download. For more information, see this Microsoft Web site.


The following Microsoft newsgroups discuss issues related to Windows CE. These newsgroups can be accessed through a Web-based viewer. For more information about Microsoft newsgroups, see this Microsoft Web site:

  • Microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder (Operating system design and tools)
  • Microsoft.public.windowsce.embedded (General Windows CE development)
  • (Windows CE-based application development)
  • Microsoft.public.windowsce.embedded.vb (Windows CE and Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET)
  • (Windows CE and Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++® 4.0)
  • (Windows CE general, German)
  • (Windows CE general, Japanese)

You can use newsreader software, such as Microsoft Outlook Express, to access Microsoft newsgroups. Outlook Express is installed as part of Microsoft Internet Explorer. For information on how to download and install Internet Explorer, see this Microsoft Web site.

After you install Outlook Express, choose a newsgroup link. You are then requested to provide configuration information. When prompted for News Server, specify You do not need to enter an account name or password.

If you are using an NNTP newsreader, sometimes called a news client, other than Outlook Express, be sure to configure it to read Microsoft newsgroups. You can access the Microsoft news server at

Before posting to the newsgroups, take a moment to review the Microsoft Rules of Conduct. For information about the rules, see this Microsoft Web site.

For general information about Microsoft newsgroups, see this Microsoft Web site.

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