Imaging OS Design Development (Windows CE 5.0)

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The Imaging API provides support for various still-image codecs.

Implementation Considerations

The following table shows the sysgen variables for the Imaging API.

Sysgen variable Description
SYSGEN_IMAGING Core support for the Imaging API.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_BMP_DECODE Decoder for bitmap (*.bmp) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_GIF_DECODE Decoder for Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_ICO_DECODE Decoder for icon (*.ico) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_JPG_DECODE Decoder for JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_PNG_DECODE Decoger for Portable Network Graphics (*.png) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_BMP_ENCCODE Encoder for bitmap (*.bmp) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_GIF_ENCCODE Encoder for Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_JPG_ENCCODE Encoder for JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_PNG_ENCCODE Encoger for Portable Network Graphics (*.png) images.
SYSGEN_IMAGING_SAMPLES Sample applications for the Imaging API. For more information see Imaging Samples.

Modules and Components

The following table shows the modules and components associated with the Imaging API.

Item Module Component
Core support for the Imaging API imaging None
Core support BMP images img_bmp None
BMP decoder img_bmpdecoder None
BMP encoder img_bmpencoder None
Core support GIF images img_gif, img_liblzw None
GIF decoder img_gifdecoder None
GIF encoder img_gifencoder None
ICO decoder img_ico None
Core support JPEG images img_jpeg, img_jpegfull, img_jpegmem None
JPEG decoder img_jpegdecoder None
JPEG encoder img_jpegencoder None
Core support PNG images img_png, img_libpng None
PNG decoder img_pngdecoder None
PNG encoder img_pngencoder None
Sample applications imgsamples None

Hardware Considerations

There are no special hardware considerations for the Imaging API.


The following table shows the Catalog item dependencies that most directly relate to the core functionality of the Imaging API. There are additional dependencies as well. For more information about determining the complete list of dependencies for this Catalog item, see Catalog Item Dependencies.

Catalog Item Sysgen variable
Minimal GDI Configuration SYSGEN_MINGDI
Minimal GWES Configuration SYSGEN_MINGWES
Minimal Input Configuration SYSGEN_MININPUT
Minimal Window Manager Configuration SYSGEN_MINWMGR

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