The CEShortcuts key, a Windows CE-specific key under the [DefaultInstall] section, is optional and describes the shortcuts that the installation application creates on the device.



  • shortcut_filename
    String that identifies the shortcut name. It does not require the .lnk extension.
  • shortcut_type_flag
    Numeric value. Zero or empty represents a shortcut to a file; any nonzero numeric value represents a shortcut to a folder.
  • target_file/path
    String value that specifies the destination file or folder. For a file, use the target file name — -for example, MyApp.exe — that must be defined in a file copy list. For a path, use a file_list_section name defined in the [DestinationDirs] section — for example, DefaultDestDir — or the %InstallDir% string.
  • standard_destination_path
    Optional string value; a standard %CEx% path or %InstallDir%. If no value is specified, the shortcut_list_section name of the current section or the DefaultDestDir value from the [DestinationDirs] section is used.

The following code example uses the [DestinationDirs] path, while the second line directly specifies a path.

CEShortcuts = Shortcuts

Sample App,0,sample.exe
Sample App,0,sample.exe,%InstallDir%

In the following code example, which creates a shortcut to a Help file named AppHelp.htm, [Shortcuts] uses the path that [DestinationDirs] specifies.

CEShortcuts = Shortcuts

Shortcuts = 0,%CE2%\Help

App Help Link,0,AppHelp.htm

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