MTP Device Services Extension Specification

The MTP device services extension to the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) helps an MTP initiator to find and access certain types of content that is stored on a responder (device). These mechanisms provide greater extensibility than the existing datacode mechanisms.

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This specification is for device manufacturers that are building MTP-compatible devices.

What's New:

  • Expanded description of MTP device services fundamentals.
  • Added abstract services.
  • Expanded the updated behaviors for non-service MTP operations.
  • Updated the extension implementation, including a new GetFormatCapabilities operation and a new UseDeviceStage property.
  • Added a “Resources” section.
  • Added numbers to the section headings for ease of reference.

Included in this white paper:

  • MTP Device Services Fundamentals
  • Updated Behaviors for Non-Service MTP Operations
  • MTP Device Services Extension Implementation
    • MTP Extension Identification
    • Extension Operations
    • Extension Responses
    • Extension Device Properties
    • Extension Events
    • Extension Object Properties

MTP Device Services for Windows

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