Audio Device Technologies

This section contains information about audio device technologies such as Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) and High Definition Audio (HD Audio).

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Topic Description

Default Audio Endpoint Selection in Windows 7

Describes how the Windows 7 audio subsystem selects the default audio endpoint.

Multiple channel audio data and WAVE files

Describes the standard for storing and transporting multiple channel audio data using the WAVE file format. You should have a basic understanding of multimedia file formats, and especially of audio file formats.

Universal audio architecture

Class driver architecture for PC audio solutions supported in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

High Definition Audio (HD Audio) guidelines for Windows

This paper provides information about Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio) hardware and software on computers that run the Windows operating system, including implementation guidelines for PC audio hardware designers, driver developers, solution testers, and system builders.

High Definition Audio (HD Audio) tool

The High Definition Audio (HD Audio) tool is used to define and validate Pin Configuration Register definitions for audio designs that comply with the Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio) specification.

Microphone array support in Windows

This paper describes the research and implementation details that provide the foundation for the Windows support for microphone arrays; provides specific design and implementation guidelines for microphone array designs that will work well with Windows.

Microphone array verification tool

The microphone array verification tool is a command-line tool for developers that verifies whether a driver accurately reports microphone-array geometry information and whether the Voice Capture DMO operating in microphone-array mode processes the captured data accurately.

Microsoft High Definition Audio (HD Audio) pin configuration validation

This paper includes information to help vendors who implement Intel HD Audio systems to validate their pin configuration register programming and comply with Windows Vista Logo Program tests.

Pin configuration guidelines for High Definition Audio devices

This topic provides hardware developers with the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) guidelines for programming the Pin Configuration registers in a High Definition Audio (HD Audio) codec.

UAA Hardware Design Guidelines

Design guidelines for meeting UAA hardware requirements for USB audio, IEEE 1394 AV/C audio and Intel HD Audio for the Windows Vista Logo Program and compatibility with Microsoft-provided audio class drivers.

Bluetooth Bypass Guidelines for Audio Driver Developers

Hardware-Offloaded Audio Processing

Default Audio Endpoint Selection in Windows 7

Multichannel Formats for Home-Theater Systems

Endpoint Volume Controls


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