Broadcast Media Devices

Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA) is Microsoft's worldwide platform for integrating broadcast TV services into Windows Media Center on a Windows PC.

Building on the Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA), the PBDA platform enables the PC-TV hardware ecosystem, for the first time, to integrate virtually any free or premium TV service into Windows Media Center while satisfying the TV industry's requirements for strong content protection in the case of premium TV.

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In-band delivery of guide data in PBDA

This paper provides information about the in-band delivery mechanisms for guide data in the Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA). It also provides guidelines for developing PBDA-based in-band scanning solutions that load services or schedule guide data in Windows Media Center.

Infrared remote control and receiver approval process

This topic contains information for independent hardware vendors (IHVs) who want to create infrared remote controls and receivers for use with Windows Media Center.

Migrating a BDA solution to PBDA

This white paper provides information about the Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA) for the Windows family of operating systems.

Consumption of a WTV file in DirectShow

PBDA Tools Package Installer

Broadcast Driver Architecture Drivers

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