Display and Graphics

The topics in this section describe display and graphics features for Windows 8.

The best visual experience in Windows 8 is delivered with the latest graphics hardware paired with an optimized Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) version 1.2 driver.

Windows 8.1 Preview adds several new features to improve GPU performance, to send video wirelessly to a Miracast-enabled display, and to let apps specify extended range YUV formats. WDDM 1.3 drivers are needed to enable these features. See What's new for Windows 8.1 Preview display drivers (WDDM 1.3).

In this section

Topic Description

BIOS Communication for Display Drivers in Windows Vista

Guidelines for how to implement ACPI support and related support in WDDM display drivers to support communication between the system BIOS and graphics hardware on a system running Windows Vista. For driver developers, BIOS vendors, and system manufacturers.

Brightness Control in WDDM

Discusses the scenarios that control brightness in Windows Vista.

Temporal Rate Conversion

This paper is of great relevance to anyone who wants to display video-originated material on desktop CRT displays at a flicker-free refresh rate (such as 75Hz) with good quality.

Windows 8 brightness control for integrated displays

This topic provides information about brightness control for integrated displays on systems that are running Windows 8. It describes brightness-related user experiences and provides guidelines for system manufacturers to expose brightness control infrastructure to Windows. A checklist of guidelines for system manufacturers is provided. This information applies to Windows 8.

Write-Combining Memory in Video Miniport Drivers

Write-combining is a special caching mode that batches writes to the same cache line so they can be transferred in a single bus clock. This paper describes how a video miniport driver designates write-combining memory in Windows.

WDDM 1.2 and Windows 8

Supporting Brightness Controls on Integrated Display Panels

Connecting and Configuring Displays

Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM) Design Guide

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