A hardware vendor can easily add support for new hardware by replacing Microsoft-provided spooler and driver components. To support a new printer, usually all you need to do is create new data files that work with one of the Microsoft-supplied printer drivers.

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XPS Sample Documents

Download these sample XPS documents to test a variety of XPS Document features.

Print Filter Pipeline for v4 Print Drivers

Provides information about the print filter pipeline for v4 print drivers for Windows 8.

Best Practices Guide for Developing Printer Drivers

Guidelines for building a high-quality printer driver for Windows.

Print driver setup: 64-bit drivers and platforms

Information about how to write an INF file that correctly installs 32-bit and 64-bit printer drivers on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.

Building Print-to-File Solutions for Windows 8

Information about creating print-to-file solutions for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 using v4 print drivers. This information is targeted at print driver developers, and it's assumed that the reader is familiar with v4 print drivers and v3 print driver print-to-file solutions.

How to implement compatible IDs in printing devices

This paper provides information about the use of compatible identifiers (IDs) in printers for the Windows family of operating systems.

HD Photo Device Porting Kit Readme

Release notes for the HD Photo Device Porting Kit

Overview of printing in Windows 8

Windows 8 is designed to provide a platform that hardware designers can use to highlight device features that provide a richer experience for users. Hardware vendors can achieve device differentiation by customizing the relevant components in the print system. Customization empowers users, allowing them to access the full functionality of a device.

Print Schema License Agreement

Provides the license agreement for the Print Schema Specification, which describes the set of conventions for using XML to describe the capabilities of a print device and its configuration for a particular print job.

XML Paper Specification: Overview

Provides information about the XML Paper Specification (XPS), which defines an open document format that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) and other industry standards to create a cross-platform document format.

Deprecation plan for v3 printer drivers

Effective January 1, 2017, Microsoft has ended its v3 printer driver deprecation policy.

Developing printers that support Windows 10 Mobile

Information about developing printers that support Windows 10 Mobile.

Advertising WSD printers via mDNS and DNS-SD records

Information on how to make Web Services on Devices (WSD) printers visible to Windows 10 via Multicast DNS (mDNS) and DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD).

XPS specification and license downloads

This topic describes the XPS specification and license downloads.

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XML Paper Specification The XML Paper Specification describes XPS documents and how they are organized internally and rendered externally. The XML Paper Specification builds on the Open Packaging Conventions, and is intended for producers who want to create document files in the XPS document format, and consumers who want to access, render, or process the contents of an XPS document.
Sample XPS Documents Download This collection of sample XPS Documents can be downloaded and used to test a variety of XPS Document features. These documents are compatible with v1.0 of the specifications and .NET Framework 3.0.
HD Photo Specification Download

HD Photo is a lightweight, high-performance imaging algorithm that more than doubles the image quality of JPEG. With minimal memory requirements, it's ideal for on-device encoding and decoding.

HD Photo was previously called Windows Media Photo.

Print Schema Specification Download The Print Schema Specification describes the set of conventions for using XML to describe the capabilities of a print device and its configuration for a particular print job.
Reference Raster Image Processor (RIP) Download the XPS Reference Raster Image Processor (RIP) to help with the development and testing of XPSDrv Printer Drivers. The XPS Reference RIP in this download provides XPS Document interpretations and rendering capability, and was supplied by Global Graphics to Microsoft in December 2006 to illustrate a baseline implementation for print. It processes the XPS Document format and generates raster image data for testing in an XPSDrv filter or display on screen. The XPS Reference RIP in this download also provides implementations of key functions to support the processing of PrintTicket and color management operations.

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