ModelName element

The ModelName element specifies the model name or number of the device.




There are no attributes.

Text value

A string that contains up between 1 and 200 printable characters inclusive.

Child elements

There are no child elements.

Parent elements

Element Description


The DeviceInfo element is the parent element of the DeviceInfo XML schema.


<xs:element name="ModelName" type="tns:ModelNameType" /> 

<xs:simpleType name="ModelNameType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
      <xs:minLength value="0" />
      <xs:maxLength value="200" />


The ModelName element specifies the model name of number of the device.

The data type for the ModelName element is the GenericNameType XML simple type. A string of up to 200 printable characters specifies the device's model name or number.

The ModelName element specifies a string that only describes the device. This string must not include the manufacturer's name. Instead, use the Manufacturer element to specify the manufacturer's name.

The selection of the device's model name displayed in Devices and Printers depends on the bus or device type. For example, Devices and Printers displays the user-defined name of the computer instead of model name that is listed in the device metadata.

The following table shows the order of model name selection based on device category.

Ranking Generic rules Computer Bluetooth/PnP-X device Printer
1 Model Name in DeviceInfo XML document User-defined Computer Name Device Name in device (firmware) Friendly Name reported from the print spooler
2 Friendly Name in driver's INF file Model Name in DeviceInfo XML document Model Name in DeviceInfo XML document Not applicable
3 Device Name in device's firmware Product Name in BIOS Not applicable Not applicable

If your target device category is for a computer, you can use the model name that is defined in the SMBIOS for the computer instead of a metadata-defined computer name. To do this, you must set the ModelName element value to an empty string ("").

Note If the target device category is not for a computer, you must specify a non-empty string for the value of the ModelName element. Windows Dev Center hardware dashboard fails a device metadata package submission if the ModelName element value contains an empty string and the DeviceCategory element is not one of the computer categories.

The ModelName element is required.

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