NDIS I/O Port Raw Interface (NDIS 5.1)

Note NDIS 5. x has been deprecated and is superseded by NDIS 6. x. For new NDIS driver development, see Network Drivers Starting with Windows Vista. For information about porting NDIS 5. x drivers to NDIS 6. x, see Porting NDIS 5.x Drivers to NDIS 6.0.

NdisRawReadPortXxx reads a single piece of data from an I/O port. Specific functions include:

  • NdisRawReadPortUchar

  • NdisRawReadPortUlong

  • NdisRawReadPortUshort

NdisRawReadPortBufferXxx reads a buffer of data a piece at a time from an I/O port. Specific functions include:

  • NdisRawReadPortBufferUchar

  • NdisRawReadPortBufferUlong

  • NdisRawReadPortBufferUshort

NdisRawWritePortXxx writes a single piece of data to an I/O port. Specific functions include:

  • NdisRawWritePortUchar

  • NdisRawWritePortUlong

  • NdisRawWritePortUshort

NdisRawWritePortBufferXxx writes a buffer of data to I/O port. Specific functions include:

  • NdisRawWritePortBufferUchar

  • NdisRawWritePortBufferUlong

  • NdisRawWritePortBufferUshort

This section includes:

NdisRawReadPortBufferUchar (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawReadPortBufferUlong (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawReadPortBufferUshort (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawReadPortUchar (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawReadPortUlong (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawReadPortUshort (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortBufferUchar (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortBufferUlong (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortBufferUshort (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortUchar (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortUlong (NDIS 5.1)

NdisRawWritePortUshort (NDIS 5.1)

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