The OID_TAPI_GET_EXTENSION_ID OID requests the miniport driver to return the extension ID for the specified line device.

Support for this request is optional.

This request uses an NDIS_TAPI_GET_EXTENSION_ID structure, defined as follows:

typedef struct _NDIS_TAPI_GET_EXTENSION_ID {         
         IN ULONG ulRequestID;
         IN ULONG ulDeviceID;
         OUT LINE_EXTENSION_ID LineExtensionID;

The members of this structure contain the following information:

  • ulRequestID

  • ulDeviceID
    Specifies the link or data channel to be queried. This was set up in a preceding OID_TAPI_GET_ID request.

  • LineExtensionID
    Pointer to a structure of type LINE_EXTENSION_ID. For more information, see ndistapi.h.

    If the miniport driver supports device-specific extensions, it fills this structure with the extension ID of these extensions. Otherwise, it fills this structure with zeros.

    For a bound protocol, a valid extension ID cannot consist of all zeros.

The MiniportQueryInformationfunction can return one of the following:





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