Writing a NetDMA Provider Driver

Note The NetDMA interface is not supported in Windows 8 and later.

The NetDMA interface provides a standard interface for NetDMA provider drivers. NetDMA provider drivers enable higher-level applications to use direct memory access (DMA) to move blocks of memory. By using a DMA engine to move memory, you free the CPU to perform other tasks.

NetDMA provider drivers are kernel-mode drivers that support the NetDMA interface and manage DMA engines. This section provides details about writing NetDMA provider drivers. For more general information about writing kernel-mode drivers, see Kernel-Mode Driver Components.

This section includes:

Initializing a NetDMA Provider Driver

Unloading a NetDMA Provider Driver

Registering a NetDMA Provider

Deregistering a NetDMA Provider

Starting a NetDMA Provider

Stopping a NetDMA Provider

NetDMA Provider Services

Managing NetDMA Interrupts