WLK Aggressive Optical Drive Test

Note This content applies to the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). For the latest information using the new Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK), see Windows HCK User's Guide on the Windows Hardware Dev Center.

Type: Automated Test


The aggressive optical drive test validates whether the drive remains spinning for at least 10 seconds unless a START STOP UNIT command is received to spin down the disk. Currently, it is not a WLK requirement that drives must remain spinning for at least 10 seconds; however, this will be a requirement in the future. This prevents the problem of drives aggressively spinning down, such as when FBI warnings are shown in media content and then have to be spun again. Aggressive drive spinning results in increased power consumption and wear and tear on the optical drive.


This test consists of sending three preliminary reads to obtain an average of how long a short read (read while disk is spinning) takes. We then do a read after 10 seconds and compare the average short read value with the long read to see if the drive stopped.

Run Time: 2 minutes

Log File: DVDWLK.wtl

System Restart Required: No

Test Category: Storage

Supported operating systems for Logo or Signature testing:

  • Windows 7

  • Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Server 2003

Program: DVDWLK.exe


Software Requirements

The test tool requires the following software:

  • Supported operating system (see list above)

  • Windows Media Player

Hardware Requirements

The test tool requires the following hardware:

  • Machine with optical drive that is capable of playing DVDs

  • Any non-CSS-encrypted DVD that contains 30+ minutes of video content. Insert this DVD into the optical drive prior to running the test. A good source of content is the Microsoft Test Annex DVD that can be ordered at the following Microsoft web site: Order the DVD Test Annex

    Note This DVD is also required for the WLK CSS Negotiation/Region Check test.


The test tool runs on the following processor architectures:

  • x86

  • x64 (x86 with WOW)

  • IA64

Running the Test

Follow the below syntax to run the test. No other parameters are required. The test will register a failure if the read sent after the 10-second delay is greater than two standard deviations of the average of the short reads (which indicates that the drive has stopped spinning).

Command Syntax

Command option Description


This test has required parameters. Without any parameters entered, the test will output help text

-d [string]:

Specifies the volume of the optical disk drive (for example, D:) When run in an automated setting with WTT, the Create Storage Parameters setup task will resolve the drive letter with the parameter StorageDriveLetter.

-1 [int]:

Since the test binary contains four separate tests, this parameter specifies that test case 1 (DVD Aggressive Optical Drive Test) should be run. It is necessary to also specify the number of times for the test to be run. This is set by default in the test job to 1.

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Build date: 9/14/2012