Internet Explorer for Developers

This section provides developer information specific to Internet Explorer.

Information for Microsoft Edge can be found at

API reference and support information for both IE and Microsoft Edge can be found at MDN web docs.

In this section

Topic Description
Accessibility This section contains resources on accessibility for web development.
Compatibility This section contains resources on site and application compatibility with IE.
Developer Guides (by IE version) Developer guides provide an overview of the developer features and standards included in each version of Internet Explorer, including those for JavaScript.
General info This section contains how-tos and other articles related to IE development.
Platform APIs This section includes proprietary APIs and features for IE, such as Pinned sites, F12 developer tools, and MSHTML. This section also includes legacy APIs for older versions of Internet Explorer.
Samples (by IE version) Samples provide archived tutorials and samples produced for previous IE versions.
VBScript This section explains how to use Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and provide details about its language elements.