GetDirectDrawSurface method

Retrieves an interface on the underlying IDXSurface::GetDirectDrawSurface object if the DXSurface object is aggregated onto a IDXSurface::GetDirectDrawSurface.


HRESULT retVal = object.GetDirectDrawSurface(riid, ppSurface);


  • riid [in]
    Type: REFIID

    Value that indicates the type of interface to return. This can be any interface ID defined by DirectDraw, such as IID_IDirectDrawSurface, IID_IDirectDrawSurface2, or IID_IDirectDrawSurface3, as exposed by the underlying DirectDraw driver.

  • ppSurface [out]
    Type: void

    Address of a pointer to the surface.


This method returns E_NOTIMPL if the DXSurface does not have an underlying IDXSurface::GetDirectDrawSurface. This is the case for some surfaces, such as procedural surfaces.