Progress property

Retrieves the setting of the transform's IDXEffect::Progress property. Sets the requested progress made on the transform.


HRESULT value = object.put_Progress(float newVal);HRESULT value = object.get_Progress(float* pVal);

Property values

Type: float

Pointer to a value that indicates the progress setting of the transform.


The return value is a float from zero to one, with one signifying completion.

Effects use this value to determine what output to generate. For example, an image 1 to image 2 fade transform produces an output of image 1 at IDXEffect::Progress = 0 and an output of image 2 at IDXEffect::Progress = 1. For IDXEffect::Progress = 0.5, the resulting image is a blend of 50 percent image 1 and 50 percent image 2.

A user doesn't need to modify the IDXEffect::Progress property in a linear fashion, as it is possible to go through a random sequence of values for this parameter. If not initialized by this method, the value of IDXEffect::Progress is undefined and could produce unexpected output.