Shell Helper API Overviews and Tutorials

This section contains overview and tutorial articles available for the IShellUIHelper API.


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Importing and Exporting favorites

Windows Internet Explorer has long provided a way for users to save their favorite Internet URLs. But for users with more than one computer, for example one at home and one at work, managing multiple lists of favorites can be a problem. Beginning with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, Internet service providers (ISPs) can use the roaming favorites feature to let users import and export their favorites to either a file or a server.

Netscape Bookmark File Format

The Internet Explorer Favorites file format is exactly the same as the Netscape Bookmark file format. Netscape usually stores its bookmarks in an HTML file called Bookmark.htm.

Shell Helper API

The IShellUIHelper interface provides methods to import and export Favorites, add Favorites, add channels, Microsoft Active Desktop items, find and navigate to specified text, and determine if a site is subscribed to.