Percent property

Sets or retrieves the point in a transition at which to capture the display for a static filter output.


HRESULT value = object.put_Percent(float newVal);HRESULT value = object.get_Percent(float* pval);

Property values

Type: float

the progress of the transition, which can range from 0 to 100 percent complete.


The ICSSFilterDispatch::Percent property uses a transition to create a static filter. The value newVal defines the point at which to stop the transition.

Use the transition ICSSFilterDispatch::Apply method to capture the initial content of the object, then change the object's content. To capture an image of the content in midtransition, choose the amount you want the transition to progress and assign that value to ICSSFilterDispatch::Percent.

The transition is automatically enabled when progress (Percent) is set manually.