t:ENDHOLD Attribute | endHold Property (deprecated)

This page documents a feature of HTML+TIME 1.0, which was released in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. We recommend that you migrate your content to the latest version of HTML+TIME, which implements the SMIL 2.0 Working Draft. See the Introduction to HTML+TIME overview for more information.

Sets or gets whether an element remains active if its timeline ends before the timeline on its parent element ends.


Scripting [ bHold = ] object.endHold

Possible Values

bHold A Boolean that specifies one of the following values.
Element is frozen at the end of its local timeline. This last snapshot of the element displays until the end of the element parent timeline is reached.
Element is not held until the end of the parent timeline is reached.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.


This property is deprecated. For similar functionality, refer to the fill property available with the time2 behavior.

This property does not affect the defined duration ( t:DUR) of the timeline, or the defined t:END time of the timeline. However, the t:ENDHOLD attribute does affect the display of the element between the end of the element timeline and the end of the parent element timeline. For example, suppose an element has an end value of 10 seconds and its parent element has an end value of 15 seconds. In this case, the t:ENDHOLD attribute defines whether the element displays during the five-second interval (seconds 11 through 15) after the timeline ends.

The t: prefix is used to associate this attribute with an XML namespace.

Applies To

t:AUDIO, t:IMG, t:MEDIA, t:PAR, t:SEQ, time, t:VIDEO

See Also

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