galleryimg attribute | galleryImg property

Obsolete. Sets or retrieves whether the My Pictures image toolbar is visible for the current image.

This property is not supported for Windows Store apps using JavaScript.


HTML <element galleryimg="p" ... >

p = object.galleryImg


Property values

Type: Integer

yes | true

Default. Image toolbar is enabled for the image.

no | false

Image toolbar is disabled for the image.


Note   As of Windows Internet Explorer 7, the GALLERYIMG attribute/property is obsolete and no longer available.


If this attribute is set to yes on an image-mapped image (USEMAP or ISMAP), the GALLERYIMG attribute overrides the mapping attribute, and the image toolbar is enabled.

In addition to disabling the My Pictures image toolbar on an image-by-image basis, the toolbar can be disabled page-wide or permanently. To disable the image toolbar for an entire Web page, use the http-equiv and content attributes of the meta element. Set http-equiv="imagetoolbar" and content="no" (or false), and the image toolbar is disabled for the entire page. By setting galleryimg="yes", you can override this setting. To permanently disable the image toolbar, right-click the toolbar when it is displayed and click Disable image toolbar. You can also click the Tools menu in Windows Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, and click the Advanced tab. Clear the Enable Image Toolbar check box, and click OK. After the image toolbar is disabled, no settings can override; and the image toolbar is not displayed until the user selects Enable Image Toolbar.


You can enable the image toolbar on an image that is smaller than the My Pictures default size filter of 130 pixels wide by 130 pixels high. The following code displays the My Pictures hovering toolbar on a small image that would not typically display the toolbar.

<img src="mypicture.png" height="100px" width="100px" galleryimg="yes">

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