XML Elements for Custom Privacy Import Files

Important This feature has been removed from Windows 10 and only minimally supported on previous versions of Windows. See "P3P is no longer supported" for more info.

Obsolete. Customized privacy settings can be imported into Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 using the XML elements defined below.

XML Element Definition
alwaysReplayLegacy Obsolete. Specifies to always replay legacy cookies.
if Obsolete. Specifies a rule describing how to act on a cookie based on its compact policy
firstParty Obsolete. Specifies rules for first-party cookies.
flushCookies Obsolete. Specifies that all cookies be deleted when custom settings are loaded.
flushSiteList Obsolete. Specifies that the privacy per-site list be deleted when custom settings are loaded.
MSIEPrivacy Obsolete. Specifies custom privacy settings.
MSIEPrivacySettings Obsolete. Specifies cookie actions as a function of security zone, Web page context (first-party versus third-party), type (session cookie versus persistent cookie), and the content of a cookie's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) compact policy.
MSIESiteRules Obsolete. Specifies privacy per-site rules for cookies.
p3pCookiePolicy Obsolete. Specifies how to handle cookies based on the P3P compact policy.
site Obsolete. Specifies the per-site rules for a Web site.
thirdParty Obsolete. Specifies rules for third-party cookies.

Comments are not allowed in custom privacy import files.