How to Provide Notifications

Note  For more information about notifications in Windows 8, see Pinned site notifications in Windows 8.


When you launch a Pinned site, it remains visible on the taskbar as you work on your computer. As events happen, such as receiving email or chat messages, the Pinned site can display icon overlays on the taskbar to notify you of activity. If the site needs your immediate attention, for example to request more information or to inform you that you are being outbid in an auction, it can flash the taskbar button to draw you back into the website.

In this section, you learn how the TweetFeed sample application uses icon overlays to indicate application states, such as how many new messages are currently displayed.


The TweetFeed sample application periodically searches for new messages. As messages arrive, the application shows the message count by using a 16x16 pixel icon overlay of a number on the taskbar button. The application can display up to five messages at a time. The following screen shot shows that there are four unread messages.


This sample uses the following types of custom icon overlays:

  • Numbers 1 through 5 indicate how many unread messages appear
  • Error (red X) icon indicates that no messages were found
  • Magnifying glass appears when the application is searching for messages

Each icon overlay is also explained with a tooltip.


Topic Description

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