Internet Explorer 10 Samples and Tutorials


This documentation provides sample applications that are built with features of Internet Explorer 10, modern standards, and real-world design. Each section presents one or more developer scenarios followed by a number of tasks. Each task is designed to help you understand how to achieve the specified goal.

Developer audience

These samples and tutorials are written for web developers who have a moderate understanding of JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM) event model and objects.

Run-time requirements

  • Internet Explorer 10

In this section

Topic Description

Information index for Internet Explorer 10

This information index gives you a high-level view of the information available on Internet Explorer 10 for developers, including feature lists, compatibility information, blog entries, and technical articles.

Contoso Images photo gallery

This topic describes the Contoso Images photo gallery website and lists the features that are demonstrated within this site.

How to add fun text effects using CSS

Internet Explorer 10 introduces support for hardware-accelerated text shadows using the text-shadow Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) property.

How to bring your webpage to life with CSS transforms, transitions, and animations

Internet Explorer 10 (and Windows Store apps using JavaScript) adds to the support for CSS 2-D transforms introduced in Internet Explorer 9 by supporting CSS 3-D transforms, CSS transitions, and CSS animations.

How to create a JavaScript-based cascading navigation system

Using the ease and simplicity of JavaScript, we create a navigational system, such as a left nav bar, that is defined in a single file.

How to create a tag cloud using IndexedDB

This series of articles describes how to create a tag cloud using the Indexed Database (IndexedDB) API, which is a standard for storing data on a user's device.

How to create an adaptive layout with CSS Grid

Here we guide you through the creation of a simple light box page for viewing photos in a photo gallery. We use Grid layout to organize the page's content, and media queries to optimize the layout for viewing in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

How to manage local files

This section describes how to manage local files using the File API.

How to prevent (or enable) text selection on your webpage using CSS

The -ms-user-select property is a new CSS property that enables web and app developers to control where users are able to select text within their webpages or Windows Store apps using JavaScript.

HTML5 audio and video

Windows Internet Explorer provides support for HTML5 audio and video that allows you to add playback without requiring an add-on or external player. Support for HTML5 can be done by using HTML elements alone, or scripted by using objects, methods, and properties in JavaScript.

HTML5 Graphics

This section contains HTML5 graphics information, samples, and tutorials.


This section contains HTML5 touch and gesture related information, samples, and tutorials.


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