Eval Function


Evaluates an expression and returns the result.




  • expression
    Required. String containing any legal VBScript expression.


In VBScript, x = y can be interpreted two ways. The first is as an assignment statement, where the value of y is assigned to x. The second interpretation is as an expression that tests if x and y have the same value. If they do, the result is True; if they are not, the result is False. The Eval method always uses the second interpretation, whereas the Execute statement always uses the first.


In Microsoft JScript, no confusion exists between assignment and comparison, because the assignment operator (=) is different from the comparison operator (==).

The following example illustrates the use of the Eval function:

Sub GuessANumber
   Dim Guess, RndNum
   RndNum = Int((100) * Rnd(1) + 1)
   Guess = CInt(InputBox("Enter your guess:",,0))
      If Eval("Guess = RndNum") Then
         MsgBox "Congratulations! You guessed it!"
         Exit Sub
         Guess = CInt(InputBox("Sorry! Try again.",,0))
      End If
   Loop Until Guess = 0
End Sub


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