Retrieves the current state of a script thread.


HRESULT GetScriptThreadState(  
    SCRIPTTHREADID stidThread,    // identifier of script thread  
    SCRIPTTHREADSTATE *pstsState  // receives state flag  


[in] Identifier of the thread for which the state is desired, or one of the following special thread identifiers:

Value Meaning
SCRIPTTHREADID_BASE The base thread; that is, the thread in which the scripting engine was instantiated.
SCRIPTTHREADID_CURRENT The currently executing thread.

[out] Address of a variable that receives the state of the indicated thread. The state is indicated by one of the named constant values defined by the SCRIPTTHREADSTATE Enumeration enumeration. If this parameter does not identify the current thread, the state may change at any time.

Return Value

Returns one of the following values:

Return Value Meaning
S_OK Success.
E_POINTER An invalid pointer was specified.
E_UNEXPECTED The call was not expected (for example, the scripting engine has not yet been loaded or initialized).


This method can be called from non-base threads without resulting in a non-base callout to host objects or to the IActiveScriptSite interface.

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