Create Branding and Custom Graphics

You can use custom branding and graphics in your version of Internet Explorer. You should prepare these files before you create the custom package.


Branding changes distributed to people using automatic configuration are not applied if the Disable external branding of Internet Explorer policy is enabled in Group Policy. This policy prevents branding of Internet programs by a non-Microsoft company, such as an Internet service provider or an Internet content provider. Before preparing graphics for the logo, consult your license agreement to verify that the particular customization is available to you.

In Internet Explorer, you can customize graphics in the browser and the connection wizard.

Internet Explorer browser

You can customize the following graphics in Internet Explorer:

Graphic Size and type Additional notes

Browser toolbar button

Two icon files with color images for active and inactive states

Icons for Favorites list

An .ico file for each URL you want to add

You must use a .ico file for these icons. Files of type .bmp are not supported in this scenario.

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