Keeping Internet Explorer Updated

After you install Internet Explorer 10 in your corporate network, you can use the following tools to distribute updated versions of Internet Explorer 10 to your users' computers:

  • Automatic version synchronization. Deploy an updated version of Internet Explorer 10 as part of your custom browser packages.

  • Software distribution tools. Use system update management tools such as System Center Configuration Manager, Systems Management Server, Windows Server Update Services, or the software distribution capabilities in Group Policy to update Internet Explorer 10 on users' computers.

  • Internet Explorer and the Blocker Toolkit. Disable automatic updates of Internet Explorer 10 by installing and using the Blocker Toolkit.

Automatic version synchronization

When you build your custom Internet Explorer 10 packages by using the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, you can use the wizard's automatic version synchronization (AVS) feature to obtain an updated version of Internet Explorer 10 from the Download Internet Explorer 10.

This feature is useful if a new version of Internet Explorer becomes available after you build your custom package. You can download and install the new version as part of any browser package that you later build and deploy.

If you need to maintain more than one version of Internet Explorer to build your custom packages, you can keep the versions in separate component download folders. Then, when you run the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, in the File Locations page, you specify the component download folder for a specific package.

For more information about using the AVS feature, see Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) Information and Downloads.

Software distribution tools

If you already manage software distribution and updates on your network by using electronic software distribution tools to deploy Internet Explorer 10, you can use these tools for ongoing deployments of Internet Explorer. Such tools include System Center Configuration Manager, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Group Policy Software Installation, and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

For more information about deployment tools, see Using Software Distribution Tools to Install Internet Explorer 10.

Internet Explorer and the Blocker Toolkit

If you want to block the automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 10 you, as an administrator, can use the Blocker Toolkit. The toolkit is available from Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 10 page.