On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, you can add Accelerators that will be added to your user’s computer. A new feature in Internet Explorer 8, Accelerators are contextual menu options that can quickly access a Web service from any Web page. For example, Accelerators can look up terms in a dictionary or provide a map for a highlighted address.

Item Details


This text box lists any Accelerators that have been added, and also indicates which Accelerators are the default for their category.


Click this button to import the current list of Accelerators from the version of Internet Explorer on your computer.

Add or Edit

Click these buttons to add a new Accelerator or edit information about an existing Accelerator. In the Accelerator box, provide the Accelerator XML file path, and specify whether or not you want to set the Accelerator as the default for the category.

  • Accelerator XML file path

  • Type the path to the location of the Accelerator XML file, or click Browse to navigate to the file.

  • Set this Accelerator as the default for the category

  • Select this check box item to set the Accelerator as the default for the category.

Set Default

To set a search provider as the default, select the provider under Search Providers, and then click the Set Default button.


To remove a search provider, select the provider under Search Providers,and then click the Remove button.

You cannot remove the Windows Live search provided by default in Windows Vista® using this method.

Additional References

For more information about creating Accelerator XML files, see