Additional Customizations

In this stage of running the Windows® Internet Explorer® Customization Wizard 8, you can specify settings for Internet sign-up, a root certificate, and access to browser features for the custom Internet Explorer 8 package. Your options depend on the version of Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8) and the operating system that you are using.


The Internet sign-up option in this stage of the wizard is not available for the Windows Vista® operating system.

This stage contains the following pages:

  • Add a Root Certificate. For the ISP version only: Specify a root certificate to add to the custom package to certify automatically a set of sites, people, and content publishers as trusted for your users.

  • Sign-up Method. For the ISP version only: Specify the method that you will use to provide Internet connection sign-up for your users after the custom browser is installed.

  • Sign-up Files. For the ISP version only: Specify the location and name of files that will be used to configure sign-up. You can also specify whether these files will be used as they are, or configured during the next steps of the wizard.

  • Sign-up Server Information. For the ISP version only: Specify connection information for your users to connect to your sign-up server. This information is stored as an .isp file.

  • Internet Settings Files. For the ISP version only. Specify a custom .ins file to post on your server or to include in the custom package for client-based sign-up.

  • Internet Connection Wizard. For the ISP version only: If you are using this tool to enable your users to connect to the Internet, customize the title bar and image. This option is not applicable to the Windows Vista operating system.

  • Programs [IEAK Wizard]. Specify the programs to use for various Internet services, such as newsgroups, e-mail, and a calendar.

  • Additional Settings. For the Corporate version only: Configure settings to further control access to features of Internet Explorer for the users and computers in your organization.


To run IEAK 8, you must have Internet Explorer 8 installed.

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