Part 2: Preparing for Deployment

Part 2 of the Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 Deployment Guide describes how to deploy Internet Explorer 8 to your organization. It includes information about planning for the deployment, customizing the deployment package, testing your deployment strategy, and performing a successful pilot program.

Preinstallation Planning outlines how to plan for your deployment.

Understanding Customization and Administration summarizes including the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 in your deployment plans.

Internet Explorer 8 Installation Prerequisites identifies mandatory and optional components and updates for Internet Explorer 8 deployment.

Planning the Internet Explorer 8 Deployment details how to plan your deployment processes and strategies.

Working with .INF Files discusses how you can use these text files to customize your component installations.

Setting Up and Administering a Pilot Program discusses how to prepare your users for Internet Explorer 8 through a training program, and describes the testing process for Internet Explorer 8 deployment.