Step 2: Configure the iSCSI Provider


Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

After you install the iSCSI provider on the head node, depending on the requirements of your iSCSI storage arrays and the provider, you might need to configure the iSCSI provider for your specific deployment. For example, you might need to specify the size of the logical unit numbers (LUNs) that will be created for the iSCSI boot nodes in your storage arrays, or specify the credentials that will be used to connect to your storage arrays.


If you installed an HPC Pack iSCSI provider (starting in HPC Pack 2012 with SP1), you do not need to perform this step.

To configure the iSCSI provider

  1. If HPC Cluster Manager is open on the head node, close it.

  2. Follow the documentation that is provided with the installation files for the iSCSI provider to configure it for deployment.

  3. After you configure the iSCSI provider, restart the HPC Management Service on the head node:

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