Track Job State


Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

After submitting a job, you can track the state of your job and its tasks in HPC Job Manager. You can see the state of other jobs in the queue, but you must be the job owner or a cluster administrator to view job details and tasks.

You can use the following procedure to track job state using HPC Job Manager.


To complete this procedure, you must be the job owner or a cluster administrator.

To track job and task states

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click My Jobs.

  2. The state of each job appears in the job list under the State column.

  3. Click the job that you want to track, then click the Task tab in the details pane.

  4. The state of each task appears in the task list under the State column.

  5. Double-click a job to open the View Job dialog box. You can view information about job progress, the task or service call breakdown by state, and any progress or error messages.

For more information about job and task states, see Understanding Job and Task States.

Additional considerations

  • The Progress and Progress Message job properties can help communicate progress of running jobs. Progress indicates the percentage of tasks or service calls that have completed for that job. Progress Message is not set by default. You can include commands in your applications or scripts to set these properties. For more information, see Set the Progress and Progress Message Job Properties from a Script File.

  • If the cluster administrator has enabled email or other notification, you can select the Notify on completion job property to receive a notification when the job completes. You can modify this property even when the job is in the Running state.

  • To track multiple jobs at the same time, you can modify which columns appear in the job list. For example, you can add the Queued Tasks, Running Tasks, and Finished Tasks columns to display a count of tasks in those states. In the menu bar, click View, then click Column Chooser.

  • In the Navigation Pane, you can filter the job list by state. The available filters are: Configuring, Active, Finished, Failed, and Canceled. Active means that the job is in the Queued or Running state.

  • For information about basic terminology, opening HPC Job Manager, and connecting to a cluster, see Overview of HPC Job Manager.

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