Welcome to the Internet Information Services Resource Guide, a volume of the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Resource Kit.

The Internet Information Services Resource Guide provides detailed information about Internet Information Services (IIS) version 5.0. This information is intended as a supplement to the online documentation included with IIS version 5.0. It does not replace that documentation as the primary source for learning how to use the product's specific features.

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About the Internet Information Services Resource Guide
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About the Internet Information Services Resource Guide

This book contains the following material:

Chapter 1, "Overview of Internet Information Services 5.0," introduces the new features of IIS 5.0, and gives an overview of the product's architecture.

Chapter 2, "Managing the Migration Process," is the first of two chapters about migrating to IIS. It provides general and conceptual information about planning and managing the migration process, when it involves multiple servers on an enterprise network.

Chapter 3, "Migrating a Web Server to IIS 5.0," provides instructions on migrating configuration settings, content, and applications to IIS 5.0 from another Web server, including UNIX–based Web servers. In addition, the chapter discusses upgrading IIS 4.0 to IIS 5.0, replicating an IIS 5.0 Web server, and using the IIS Migration Wizard. It also covers several approaches for migrating a Web application to IIS.

Chapter 4, "Capacity Planning," discusses issues involved in planning Web server installations, such as what equipment and software to acquire for Web sites. It also provides ways to determine where bottlenecks are likely to occur, and shows how much network bandwidth you will need.

Chapter 5, "Monitoring and Tuning Your Server," discusses issues involved in optimizing and tuning your IIS–based Web server, and covers some of the tools you can use for accomplishing these goals. It also provides some guidelines to help your server recover from bottlenecks.

Chapter 6, "Developing Web Applications," presents the features and benefits of the underlying technology in IIS 5.0, stressing the important functionality that can be obtained by creating Web applications.

Chapter 7, "Data Access and Transactions," introduces key components of Web data access, and discusses how to harness the power of a data–driven approach for Web content publishing.

Chapter 8, "Administering an ISP Installation," is a guide to running and maintaining an Internet service provider (ISP) installation in the context of Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server and IIS 5.0.

Chapter 9, "Security," addresses how to configure a secure Web server that is running Windows 2000 Server and IIS 5.0, for use on the Internet or on an intranet.

Chapter 10, "Access to Legacy Applications and Data," discusses using the Web to make legacy data and applications easily accessible (via the Internet or a company intranet) to customers and members of the internal organization who use Web browsers. This chapter also describes how you can use IIS 5.0 for efficient utilization of legacy data and applications in Web solutions.

Appendix A, "ASP Best Practices," is an intranet standards planning guide that provides corporate guidelines for Active Server Pages (ASP) usage.

Appendix B, "Site Security Planning," describes how to set policies for securing Web resources, applications, and data in a company intranet. It also demonstrates, through scenarios, how to use IIS 5.0 in order to secure communications over the Internet, including e–commerce applications.

Glossary of Internet–related terms used in this book.

Resource Kit Compact Disc

The Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Resource Kit companion CD includes a variety of tools, components, and utilities to help you work more efficiently with IIS and ASP. Sample applications and the source code to the utilities are included that demonstrate how to write components, as well as IIS filters and applications. Documentation for each tool is included when you install from the CD.

Resource Kit Support Policy

The software supplied in the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit is not officially supported. Microsoft does not guarantee the performance of the Internet Information Services Resource Guide tools, response times for answering questions, or bug fixes to the tools.

However, Microsoft does provide several ways for customers who purchase the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit to report bugs and receive possible fixes for their issues. You can submit feedback on the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit by sending e–mail to This e–mail address is only for Resource Kit–related issues. For more general feedback on IIS 5.0 and on the IIS Resource Guide, and to report IIS 5.0 bugs, send e–mail to