Repairing a Windows 2000 Installation

Windows 2000 provides you with the option of fixing problems by using either the Recovery Console or the Emergency Repair Process. During Setup you are asked if you want to set up Windows 2000, repair a Windows 2000 installation, or quit Setup. When you select the Repair option by pressing R, the following information is displayed on your screen:

Windows 2000 repair options:

To repair a Windows 2000 installation by using the recovery console, press C.

To repair a Windows 2000 installation by using the Emergency Repair Process, press R.

Using each of these options to repair a Windows 2000 installation is discussed in the following sections.



If the repair options do not work, it might be necessary to perform an in-place upgrade. For more information about this option, see "If the Emergency Repair Process Does Not Fix Your System" later in this chapter.