Interoperability with IBM Host Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft SNA Server allow users to gain direct access to IBM Corporation host systems. SNA Server is the solution that has been developed by Microsoft for connecting personal computer–based clients and servers to IBM host systems. It is also possible for users to connect to an IBM host system directly without using a gateway like SNA Server —through TCP/IP. This requires the IBM host to support and be configured for SNA Telnet access, either as TN3270 or TN5250, and then to use host emulation software that supports SNA Telnet. This chapter describes the components that are required for integrating, managing, and troubleshooting Windows 2000 Professional with IBM host systems.

In This Chapter

Quick Guide to Interoperability with IBM Host Systems

Overview of Interoperability with IBM Host Systems

DLC Protocol

SNA Server Client and Components

Network Management Integration

Windows 2000 Professional and IBM Host Security