Remove user's folders from the Start Menu

User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Start Menu & Taskbar


Hides all folders on the user-specific (top) section of the Start menu. Other items appear, but folders are hidden.

This policy is designed for use with redirected folders. Redirected folders appear on the main (bottom) section of the Start menu. However, the original, user-specific version of the folder still appears on the top section of the Start menu. Because the appearance of two folders with the same name might confuse users, you can use this policy to hide user-specific folders.

If you enable this policy, no folders appear on the top section of the Start menu. If users add folders to the Start Menu directory in their user profiles, the folders appear in the directory but not on the Start menu.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, Windows 2000 displays folders on both sections of the Start menu.

Note Image Note

This policy hides all user-specific folders, not just those associated with redirected folders.