Error Message:

The network name ran out of network control blocks (NCBs). You may need to increase NCBs for this network. The following information includes the number of NCBs submitted by the server when this error occurred:


Any action to correct the problem should be performed on that computer. The server found a resource shortage in a network driver when it tried to issue an NCB.

User Action:

Be sure that the NET<n> entries in the configuration file specify valid NetBIOS device drivers and that these device drivers are in the LANMAN\\DRIVERS directory. Also be sure that the CONFIG.SYS file contains a DEVICE line specifying the absolute paths of the device drivers. You may be able to increase the NCBs for the listed network by changing an option in the network's NET<n> entry in the configuration file. See the installation guide that came with your network adapter for information about those options. If you need assistance, contact your network administrator.