If you are using Windows 2000 to send faxes, you can provide information about yourself and your fax. This information includes the following:

  • Your full name

  • Fax number

  • E-mail address

  • Title

  • Company

  • Office location

  • Department

  • Home phone

  • Work phone

  • Address

  • Billing code

Fax Service Configuration

There are several attributes about your fax service that you might want to configure first, including security settings and determining how fax jobs are stored and sent.

To configure fax service options

  1. From the Start menu, click Settings , and then click Control Panel .

  2. Double-click Fax .

  3. On the Advanced Options tab, click Open Fax Service Management Console .

  4. Right-click Fax Service on Local Computer , and then click Properties .

  5. Configure Fax Service on Local Computer Properties .

Using Fax Service Properties, you can configure features of your fax including the following:

  • Fax retry options:

    • Number of times a fax is retried

    • Minutes between retries

    • Days an unsent fax is kept

  • Whether a banner is printed at the top of each page

  • Whether to use the sending device TSID

  • Whether personal cover pages are allowed

  • Where outgoing faxes are archived

  • What the discount rate hours are in your area

The Fax Service properties page is shown in Figure 14.4.


Figure 14.4 Fax Service Properties Page

Fax User Information

This information is filled in as the default for the fax coversheet when you are preparing to send a fax. The User Information tab is shown in Figure 14.5.


Figure 14.5 User Information Tab of the Fax Properties Dialog Box

To configure fax user information

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings , and then click Printers .

  2. Right-click the fax, click Properties , and then click the User Information tab.

  3. Enter your information.

Fax Printing Preferences

Configure default options for sending fax jobs to a particular fax printer. By configuring fax options, you can affect the following features:

  • When the fax is sent.

  • The faxs printing options, including orientation, paper size, and image quality.

  • Information about the sender of the fax, such as e-mail address.

Configuring fax job defaults

  1. From the Start , point to Settings , and then click Printers .

  2. Right-click a fax printer, click Properties , and then click Printing Preferences .

  3. Enter your information in the Fax Printing Preferences properties page.

The Fax Printing Preferences dialog box is displayed in Figure 14.6.


Figure 14.6 Fax Printing Preferences Dialog Box

The information you enter in the Fax Properties User Information tab and Fax Service Properties General tab, shown earlier, are the defaults that are offered to you by the Send Fax wizard when you prepare to send a fax. You can change these options when you prepare a fax job, but these are used as a starting point for the job.

For more information about creating and sending fax jobs, see New Ways to Send Print Jobs later in this chapter.

For more information about how the fax service makes fax calls, archives faxes, and determines when discount rates apply, see Configuring Fax Service Configuration earlier in this chapter.