Use this quick guide to locate information about printing. You will find information about finding, installing, configuring, using, and managing your printers, as well as detailed information about troubleshooting printing problems.

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 Find a printer.

Finding printers that are directly connected to your computer is easy, but finding the right network printing device can be challenging. Windows 2000 helps you find printers based on printer attributes.

  • See Finding Printers later in this chapter.

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 Install a printer.

For printers to work properly, your computer must have the proper drivers and the printer must be registered with your computer. Windows 2000 offers many ways to install a printer, emphasizing automating as many of parts of the process as possible.

  • See Installing Printers later in this chapter.

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 Configure your installed printer or fax.

You can establish default behavior for a printer or fax you have installed. Some common configuration options for printers include selecting whether to print in landscape or portrait, what size paper to use, and when the printer is available. For faxes, you can set the fax cover sheet to be used and the time that jobs must be sent.

  • See Configuring Printers later in this chapter.

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 Send a print job.

There are new ways to print a document when using Windows 2000. Learn about the new print options and how you can use them to improve your printing process and output. Enhancements include a reworked Print dialog box, enhanced color printing, enhanced UniDriver and PostScript drivers, and the Standard Port Monitor.

  • See Creating and Sending Print Jobs later in this chapter.

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 Monitor and manage printers and print jobs.

Depending on your privileges, you can choose to implement security for printers, establish times when the printer can be used, establish priority for users whose print jobs must print before everyone elses, and manage some or all of the print jobs that have been sent to a printer.

  • See Monitoring and Managing Print Jobs later in this chapter.

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 Troubleshoot printers.

Solve problems that arise with your printers.

  • See Troubleshooting later in this chapter.