Windows 2000 Resolver

Windows 2000 DNS includes a caching resolver service. The caching resolver reduces DNS network traffic and speeds name resolution by providing a local cache for DNS queries. For troubleshooting purposes, this service can be viewed, stopped, and started like any other Windows 2000 service by using the Component Services console; but the caching resolver is enabled by default.

The Windows 2000 resolver performs the following tasks:

  • Name resolution.

  • General caching of queries.

  • Negative caching.

  • Keeps track of transient (Plug and Play) network adapters and their IP configurations.

  • Keeps track of connection-specific domain names.

  • When a server fails to respond to a query, the resolver ceases to query that server for a certain amount of time.

  • When the resolver receives multiple A resource records from a DNS server, it prioritizes them based on their IP address.