Data type


Default value


Number in megabytes


Amount of Memory

Default Value

12 MB

3 MB

12 - 16 MB

6 MB

16 MB

8 MB


Determines the amount of virtual memory allocated to a Windows 2000 virtual DOS machine (NTVDM) to run 16-bit Windows applications. This entry is used only on RISC systems. On computers with Intel™ processors, the system calculates this value based on the amount of physical memory in the computer.

For each megabyte of memory specified in wowsize, the system allocates 1.25 MB to the NTVDM process. For example, if the value of wowsize is 4, the system allocates 5 MB of memory to the NTVDM process.

Caution Image Caution

Do not set wowsize to less than 3 MB. Most applications cannot run in an NTVDM with less memory.