What's New in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5?


This chapter provides an overview of the new and enhanced features of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. You can use this information to help you evaluate the browser before you deploy it to your users.

New and enhanced features are divided into the following areas:

  • Deploying the browser - Learn about customizing new browser and setup options by using the Internet Explorer Customization wizard. Also read about how you can deploy Internet Explorer as part of your custom Microsoft® Office package.

  • Simplifying Web tasks for the user - Learn about the browser features and functions that can simplify the users' daily tasks and activities on the Web.

  • Automating Web tasks for the user - Understand how new features can help you automate common Web tasks, such as installing components and searching the Internet.

  • Developing and authoring for the Web - Learn about the new technologies and platform features for building Web-based applications.

In This Chapter

Deploying the Browser

Simplifying Web Tasks

Automating Web Tasks

Developing and Authoring for the Web

See Also

  • For more information about planning your deployment of Internet Explorer, see Chapter 9 , "Planning the Deployment."

  • For more information about rolling out Internet Explorer to your users, see Chapter 19 , "Deploying Microsoft Internet Explorer 5."