Quality of Service and Resource Reservation Protocol

Another new feature in Windows 2000 is support for QoS and Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP).

Generic QoS (GQoS) is an extension to the Winsock programming interface. It provides APIs and system components that are intended to provide network applications with a method of reserving network bandwidth between client and server. RSVP is an implementation of a bandwidth reservation protocol that is supported by Windows 2000. GQoS provides an application interface via Winsock2 to the RSVP protocol and components. The modular design of QoS and RSVP components allows other components to be added for increased functionality. For example, RSVP can be accessed by a control or management application if you want to provide some quality of service for non-QoS-enabled applications.

These concepts and protocols are discussed in more detail in "Quality of Service" in this book.