Mobile Computing

This chapter describes how to configure and administer Microsoft Windows 2000 for mobile users. This includes hardware, power management, and security on portable computers, as well as Windows 2000 features and tools that are relevant to portable computer users. In addition, this chapter covers administrative issues that are relevant to roaming users if your organization uses roaming user profiles or folder redirection. Although remote network connectivity is an important aspect of mobile computing, this chapter does not discuss network connections.

In This Chapter

Mobile Computing Quick Guide

What's New

Setting Up a PortableComputer

Configuring Offline Files for Portable Computers

Configuring Power Management

Managing Hardware on PortableComputers

Security Considerations for Portable Computers

Folder Redirection and Configuring Roaming User Profiles

Hardware Issues Related to Portable Computers

  • For more information about IntelliMirror management technologies such as Offline Files, folder redirection, and roaming user profiles, see Introduction to Desktop Management in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Distributed Systems Guide