HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

Data type


Default value


Command or executable program

autocheck autochk *


Specifies the applications, services, and commands executed during startup.

For example, if Convert.exe has been used to convert the file system on a hard disk drive, you can add the following command to BootExecute to convert the file system when Windows 2000 is restarted:

BootExecute = autocheck autoconv \DosDevices\x: /FS:NTFS

Note Image Note

Do not delete the default value, autocheck autochk *, from the value of BootExecute. To prevent Autochk.exe from running on specific volumes or from running at all, use Chkntfs.exe.

Tip Image Tip

For more information on Autochk,Chkntfs, and Convert, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base link on the Web Resources page. Search the Knowledge Base using the keywords Autochk,Chkntfs, and Convert.