Using DLC to Connect to Print Devices

You can also use DLC to provide connectivity to LAN print devices that are attached directly to the network.



The DLC protocol is not used for printers attached locally to workstations through parallel or serial ports.

To install the DLC protocol, follow the procedure in "Installing the DLC Protocol" earlier in this chapter.

To connect to and configure a Hewlett-Packard print device, you must first install the Hewlett-Packard Network Port monitor on the Windows 2000–based print server. You can then use the Add Printer Wizard to install the Hewlett-Packard Network Port to configure the print device.

Before starting the Add Printer Wizard:

  • Run a self-test on the Hewlett-Packard print device to obtain the network adapter address. The network adapter address is a unique 12-byte number that is supplied by the card manufacturer.

  • Choose a logical name for the printer. This logical name is used to identify the printer and is associated with the card address.

To configure a Hewlett-Packard print device that is directly connected to the network

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings , and then double-click Printers .

  2. Double-click Add Printer .

  3. Click Next in the Add Printer Wizard.

  4. Select Network Printer , and then click Next .

  5. Select the network that the printer is to be added to, and type the printer name in the Printer text box.

  6. Click OK .
    The Add Printer Wizard completes the configuration of the print device.



When configuring Hewlett-Packard network printers, or printers from manufacturers other than Hewlett-Packard, please refer to the manufacturer's installation manual. For more information about configuring printers, see Windows 2000 Help.