Transaction Processing Components

In the online transaction processing (OLTP) distributed environment, data can become corrupt if it is not managed correctly. A TP monitor ** manages the operating environment of the OLTP application by optimizing the use of operating system resources and the network. The TP monitor provides a management platform for the system administrator that supports:

  • Load balancing

  • Fault tolerance

  • Performance monitoring

  • Security

TP monitors typically include a software component known as a TP manager. TP managers use the two-phase commit (2PC) protocol to ensure the reliable execution of transactions by enabling the TP manager to execute a transaction only if all systems carry out the transaction.



On the Windows 2000 platform, Microsoft® Component Services is the native TP monitor. MTS includes a TP manager called the Distributed Transaction Coordinator. IBM provides different TP managers for different TP monitors.

For a TP to communicate directly with another TP by using SNA APPC, the two programs must first establish a logical unit (LU) 6.2 session with each other. LU 6.2 is the standard for distributed transaction processing in the mainframe environment.