Selecting Change and Configuration Management Options for Your Organization

To prepare your change and configuration implementation plan, you will need to decide which features provide the greatest benefit to each group of users, and how those features need to be configured.

Think of the change and configuration management options described in this chapter as components that you can deploy to provide improved service to your users. Some building blocks can provide basic support for typical organizations, while others provide more advanced support.

To complete your IntelliMirror and Remote OS Installation plan:

  • Define which features will be used for basic change and configuration management and which for advanced change and configuration management.

  • Define how the basic and advanced change and configuration management options will best meet the needs of your organization's user types.

  • Summarize how change and configuration management will meet the needs of your organization.

The following sections are examples of how you might implement IntelliMirror and Remote OS Installation features in your change and configuration management plan. Depending on your needs, some options listed as advanced in the following sections might actually be basic to your organization, while some options listed as basic might be considered advanced to another organization. You will need to define the basic and advanced requirements and implementations for your organization.