Unexpected Applications Appear in Add/Remove Programs

You publish applications with a Group Policy object, and a user who is managed by the Group Policy object logs on. The user opens Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and then clicks the Add New Programs list box. The application that he or she expects to see does not appear in the list of applications that the user can install.

Possible Causes:

  • The user is filtering the display by categories, and the application he or she is looking for is not in the current view.

  • The application that the user is looking for is the base (existing) application in an upgrade relationship — that is, you want users to install only the upgrading application; therefore, the base application no longer appears.

  • The Group Policy object that manages the user (the Group Policy object with the published application) is not being changed or overridden by another Group Policy object.

Diagnostic Tests:

Change the category and see if the application is visible.

Install the upgrading application that does appear in the list box.

Make sure that the resulting set of Group Policy that applies to the user still publishes this application.